The design studio of Denis Radenkovic

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Clever Creative

CLEVER identity concept

for a CREATIVE business

Left hemisphere of the brain: Linear reasoning and language functions

The great longitudinal fissure is the deep groove which separates the two hemispheres of the brain.

Right hemisphere of the brain: Artistic ability seems to be a function of the right hemisphere.

Stationery Design


Website Design Process

Wireframes and page structure concepts developed at one of the early stages of the website redesign project.

Final Designs

Postcards From Venice
Clever Creative wanted to emphasize on the local aspect of their business. To achieve that, we created a homepage that features and rotates a number of photos taken localy in Venice, CA.

About & Portfolio Section Designs

What clients say…

Denis delivered above and beyond expectations. His new logo and identity for Swing Digital are wonderful and have been highly praised by our community. It was a pleasure working with Denis.

Jason Kitkat, Internet Consultant, Swing Digital Ltd